Studying the New Testament: A Fortress Introduction

with Bruce Chilton (2010)

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This book offers an introduction to the literature of the New Testament, demonstrating how these writings can be approached and critically studied in an academic setting. Bruce Chilton and Deirdre J. Good, two respected New Testament scholars, provide a narrative of the historical context and social world of the books of the New Testament, a chronological survey of the Gospels and letters, and the remaining writings (Apocrypha, Apocalyptic) with their special focus on the emerging church. Together with textboxes, exercises, questions, further readings, maps, timeline, and glossary, this brief introduction surveys employs leading methods of study and equips students with the general literacy needed for successful and serious study of New Testament writings.


“The way to write about New Testament study for beginners is to imitate Chilton and Good: use clear, accessible prose that steers a secure course between the rocks of competing methods and the shoals of conflicting interpretations. The authors provide answers where needed and properly challenge those who engage this book to want to learn more.”
— Richard I. Pervo, Author of Acts, and The Making of Paul

“Studying the New Testament provides students and teachers with easily accessible information about the basic anatomy of the New Testament’s contents and worlds, as well as major scholarly approaches and interpretive frameworks. This introductory guide is invaluable as a starting point and reference for those interested in critically-informed engagement with New Testament texts and contexts, ancient and (post)modern.”
— Davina C. Lopez, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Eckerd College, Saint Petersburg, Florida